The good news is that they can be treated! In Connecticut there are many centers specialized in treatment for sleep disorders. Here are some of those: UConn Health Center- Sleep Disorder Center located in Farmington, Hartford Hospital Sleep Disorder Center , Enfield Sleep Disorder Center , Sleep Disorder Center of Connecticut in Hamden , Northeastern Sleep Disorder Center LLC in Vernon, Eastern Connecticut Health Network ECHN have few doctors specialized in Sleep Medicine working in Manchester. It is very important recognize the function of a good sleep for a good health. Having trouble falling asleep or not feeling rest in the morning is something to consider to talk with your doctor or a sleep specialist.
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Exercise Won’t Cure Sleep Disorders Immediately

The study’s authors found that exercise does help with insomnia, but a strict regiment must be adhered to in order to reap the benefits. “The message here is that exercise is not a quick fix, which I don’t really think is discouraging at all,” said Kelly Baron, director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program with the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago. “Our previous work found that exercise over a 16-week period is very effective in promoting sleep, on par with any kind of medication. But like with weight loss or any sort of behavioral change, it doesn’t happen immediately. You have to measure progress over months, not day-to-day.” The National Sleep Foundation recommends that exercise activities be completed at least three hours before bedtime, so that the body has time to cool down. by RTT Staff Writer
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